ISCC (Information System Case Competition) 2019


ISCC (Information System Case Competition) 2019

ISCC (Information System Case Competition) is an annual event that has been held since 2014 by BASIS, an IS organization associated with Binus International. This competition is unlike any other case competition as the participants would compete to construct the best IT-based solution. ISCC also takes place on an international level as many overseas participants had joined and compete in past ISCC (e.g. HKUST, UPM) as well as many top local universities (e.g. Universitas Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Padjadjaran).

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This year, ISCC is back again on the 9th until 11th of October to welcome all the university and high school students to compete in solving real world cases. The main headline for this event is the huge prize pool which totals up to Rp 80.000.000. Moreover, BASIS will also provide seminar sessions on the first day from top companies to share insights and knowledge as well as a panellist discussion amongst the speakers.

Other than the seminars and discussions, the participants will also get the knowledge and many experiences that they never had before, as this is the biggest Information System Case Competition. They would also receive many great feedbacks about their solutions and ideas from all the honourable judges and top companies representatives.

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This competition consists of two main parts. The first one is the preliminary round where cases will be given to all the participants of ISCC and they would be given a 14 days period to solve the case. Furthermore, the participant’s results will be analyzed and judged by ISCC respective judges. The best 10 teams will then be picked and invited directly to Binus International’s fX campus to compete in both the semifinal and final round.

BASIS will invite the top 10 for a total of 3 days. The first day will be filled with seminars, workshops, as well as the long-awaited panellists’ discussion from many top companies and academics representatives. The second day is the case solving period, where all 10 teams will be quarantined for 10 hours to solve the case given. The third day is when all the finalist would present their solutions to the judges. The top 10 will then be cut down to the top 3 teams and they will have a final debate session where questions can be asked from judges and also from one team to another.

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For more information regarding the competition, please visit our website, If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us via Line (@utk9300d), Instagram (@basis_official), or WA (+62 85775593603).

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